A few words about us

Think VR Simulators are based In the South England, we cover the South of England, but will travel to anywhere around the world

Ian Weir and Doug Edwards set up Think Driving school in March 2010 and then we began our journey into Think Scalextric Events in 2012 & Think VR Simulators in 2017 after thinking about a fun way to promote the driving school.

We have a real passion for driving and enjoy passing on the joy of driving in VR sims, We are both also Fully Qualified Driving instructors that teach people to drive cars, tow trailers and train people to become driving instructors. So we have a very good background to be helping you become a better racing driver in the Sims

We also have several friends that help us out with Vr events, below are some basic profiles of some of them.

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From the team

"The first time I used a VR sim, I was hooked, Ive been playing racing games on computers since I was 5 in the 80's. Since then they have taken massive steps forward, but none as big as VR, its the most real experience you can have, the only way to make it any more real is to jump in a real car"Ian Weir
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"The thing i love about VR the most is being able to race any circuit in the world in any car, and know that this is a real as i will get without going out there and doing it for real, which for 99.99% of us that would never happen"Douglas Edwards
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“After dabbling in racing in my teens, all those years ago, it was great to get back into a racing style seat and enjoy some virtual racing. It’s amazing how detailed and accurate the tracks and cars are. I love the way that if you want to race a certain car on a particular track, there’s a huge chance you can do it! What more can you ask for?! VR is the way forward”

Tim Price-Bowne
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